Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28th 2010 HEY! HO!! It's time to Partay!

I haven't done my reading for today but I am getting ready to start my other 2010 commitment, exercise.

I used to be thin. I don't think there is a single person I know today, other than Les, who could attest to that fact. I have gained 126lbs since I got married. Some through gluttony some due to over 20 years of steroid use. Every once in a while I remember I DELIVERED a baby weighing 100 lbs less than I weight today! As they say on tv, "Stop the Insanity!!!"

I have new challenges to exercise, like a knee that barely works but that is no excuse. I can still get up and move and I need to get up and move! The kids were joking about my lack of ability to climb stairs. If I can't walk up stairs at 46 what will I be doing when I am 56, 66, 76 or 86? This must change.

I want to be in the physically fit club that all my friends are in. I don't mean the same health club but the feel good look good club.

So I have started with TURBO JAM!!! with Chalene Johnson. She is an unbelievable motivator (almost as good as my friend Tish). This video is so fun that even if I feel terrible when I start I have a big smile on my face when I finish. AND yesterday I felt so good all day I threw in an extra workout in the afternoon. Although it is put out by Beachbody (TM), I don't expect to have one this summer but maybe there will be hope for next year.

For right now I am glad there is no mirror in the room when I do it. I'm sure that I don't look anything like the girls in the video but I am up, moving and jammin' with them. I am still rewiring my brain to get my bad leg up and moving. My legs get confused trying to kick, bend and flex because it has been so long but they are happy to be trying it. In fact, I could probably make a million on the comedy circuit if I made a video of my workouts.

I gotta run because Chalene is waiting for me.

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