Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4th The Flood, Rounding up some disciples

Let's make one thing clear. Please do not think badly of my grammar or spelling. Spelling mistakes are more often from my typing than lack of knowledge. I know spell check exists, I just forget to check before posting.

I am still on target. Today I learned all about the flood. I noticed that in my translation, Genesis 8:11 ends in an exclamation mark. I don't remember many exclamation marks in the Bible. I also noticed that God made the covenant to never again destroy all life on earth with a flood with Noah, his family and all the creatures on the ark. I wonder why he included the animals?

Later in Genesis 10 there is a long passage with genealogies, and the names are funny. IF you know any of the Bible you know that there were no Tiffanys, Brittanys, or Madisons. But still the names are surprising. If you know me well, one thing you know is that I think families should show consistency in naming. Joe and Sue should not name their kids Pierre and Lanae. If the parents have traditional names then so should the kids. my husband and I both have old fashioned names (Leslie and Barbara) (not to mention girly ones) and our children follow suit with old fashioned names(Lillian and virginia).So I find it interesting that brothers names drift from Gomer to Magog to Meshech. Maybe my problem lies with Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. Lillian pointed out that the names would have sounded more normal if they were well know bible characters that were part of well known stories. Although lots of christians name their kids biblical names like Micah and Ruth there are not that many Togarmahs.

Another interesting naming item. Nimrod was Noah's great grandson. He was know as a mighty warrior (Gen 10:8) but we us Nimrod as a name for foolish or nerdy people. How come?

On the NT reading for today, Matthew 4:22 mentions that James and John were in a boat with their father Zebedee. When Jesus called to them they left their father and followed him. We don't hear how Zebedee felt about this event. I like to think this is because if we are following God, doing His will, we don't need to be concerned with what others think about this, just go and do it.

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  1. Reading that, I felt just like I was standing by your desk in the office, and you were sharing all that. You write "naturally" ... never mind any typos! ;)