Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28th 2010

I sincerely hope I didn't offend any of my readers (ha!) with my last post. I certainly am not against evangelism, I just worry that we will lose God in the quest for men.

Onto a new topic. One year ago I broke my leg, my knee really. Sometimes I laugh to think back at all that happened. From the taxidermist that came to answer the 911 call to the craziness of bathing in the kitchen sink for 4 months, it was a not an easy time at our house.

There are few things I love more than reading and for months I couldn't read. I'm not sure if it was the percoset, depression or what but I could not read. No matter what interesting books were brought my way I couldn't sustain interest. IT was frustrating. I was able to watch tv and I would lay in my bed and watch several seasons of tv shows on the internet for hours at night when every one else was asleep then I could sleep when I was home alone during the day.

Now I am too busy to read and long for those days of solitude, or scrabble with my sister. Be content. This should be my anthem.

OH! gotta run to the high school and pick up my daughter from play practise, more later I promise!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 20th, 2010

A comment or two about my last post.
I’ve been reading in the OT about making and furnishing of the tabernacle (henceforth referred to as TB). The instructions to make the TB are specific and daunting. Every item in the process is described, the materials, the size, detailing. IT is all there. Every curtain, lampstand and curtain rod are described. The craftsmanship needed to make this was inspired, I mean that literally. God gave the skills to the craftsman (exodus 35:30). Before I got to that verse I was wondering how they were going to be able to make all this stuff so beautifully and intricately carved and forged. The linens were fine and intricately woven. All of it from the rings to hold up the curtains to the cheribum on top of the ark were to be masterpieces. Why? Why all of this when it is in the desert and going to be taken down and moved now and then? Why make a building that contains more than of metric ton of gold and then move it around?
At the same time I am reading about the days leading up to the crucifiction of Christ in the New Testament. The account in Matthew focuses on Christ. His comments about how what is to come will fulfill scripture. When he is praying in the garden and the disciples keep falling asleep. What he is going through as he seeks to do the will of his father.
While I was reading I was thinking about this blog. What can I write about? What is this teaching me about me? That is when I realized that it wasn’t about me! I mean it was because Christ’s dying saved me but it wasn’t in that it is about how Holy God is. God is Holy! All that gold and silver, purple and scarlet linen, curtains and posts and rods was about God. He is SO Holy that even the most beautiful structure can only imitate His holiness. Protecting the people with the curtains, shielding them from God was because he is too Holy to be seen by them. He left HEAVEN to be in a DESERT to be with his people! All that fold and adornment wasn’t to show off but because he is unimaginably Holy. Something of which we cannot wholly conceive.
Nowadays churches spend their time and energy to become “more relevant”. Offer convenient worship times so that we do not need to be put upon. Send the teens to youth groups where we capture their attention with loud music and games. We have multipurpose churches so we do not need to be bored there or our pastors put on performance each week instead of just talking to us about God. He is Holy enough without all this. He is relevant without all of this. He can bring his message to us without the bands, cafes and worship teams. I know there are a million surveys, studies and whatever that prove we need these things to reach the masses but seriously I think we need a rethink.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18th 2010

I just figured it out. It's not about me. It's about Him.

Monday, February 15, 2010

February 15th 2010

Wow! I can't believe it has been 18 days or so since my last post. I promised to never fall behind again but I have. I am spending Presidents Day catching up.

I may not have been keeping up with my Bible readings but I have done a lot of other things with my time. Of course I have managed to read 4 novels and begin a 5th while not reading my Bible. This is my M.O. I LOVE to read but will always make an excuse to read a novel rather than my Bible. I have not named this blog bibleslacker for nothing!

For the last four weeks our pastor has done a series on "Staying in Love". How to keep your marriage for a lifetime. It culminated on Sunday with a renewal of wedding vows for any couple interested. Let me say, what crazy couple would be the ones to stay in their pews at this invitation? You would look stupid , right? We knew about this ahead of time so I guess anyone who didn't want to could have stayed home. We talked about it together before hand and agreed to go up and do it. It felt weird to talk about it though. Is this something to discuss? Why wouldn't we go up. But seriously, my heart worried a little that Les wouldn't want to do it. It was pretend afterall , so I guess this should be easy. But it wasn't pretend. Here you are before the congregation, standing at the altar, with a minister, holding hands and looking into each others eyes. This is REAL. As you get ready to say your vows you have 24 years of marriage to reflect upon as you promise to stay together for another 24 or more. I think it meant more this time than the first time. I am so glad we had the opportunity. I hope we do it every year. My kids thought our kiss was too long and hard. It is nice to know we can even embarrass them by getting married. :)

I have entered a new phase of having a teenage driver. It is great to send the girls off to school each morning so I can get my exercise in before work. I am even more thankful for my dad who picks Ginny up from school at 2pm. Lil drives herself home at 6 after track practice. Ginny goes back at 6pm for play practice and then gets picked up at 9:30pm. It would be nice if we lived closer than 22 minutes from school. It seems like a hundred miles some times. Every time Lil drives off I have a moment of panic about her safety but I have realized I must get over this because it will happen everyday for years and years. I need to give it up to God, so I have.

In my daily Old Testament readings I am at the part that describes the building of the tabernacle, the furnishings and clothing of Aaron. Pretty boring. I tried to make it a game with my family asking Lil to guess what colors of fabric and stones were used for items. I am impressed that when fleeing Egypt the Israelites must have brought a whole bunch of crafting tools with them. AND they must have been amazing craftsman to make what God specified, unless He gave them special abilities when the time came. Of course due to movies, we think the only thing Israelites can do is make bricks with straw!

I'm going to get back to my reading and add another post for the New Testament stuff. I love some of Jesus' "quips" that guy sure has a way with words.