Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30th 2010 I am Peter.

Easter is just a couple of days away. I have accomplished two of the important Easter tasks. I have bought candy for my girls and I have bought them each a new outfit for Easter Sunday. I would have thought that by high school they would have outgrown the desire for an Easter outfit but I guess after the long winter we all want a fresh start. Or course in New England we always have age old Easter question of sandels vs. snow boots. You never know what you will need on the bi day so you must find an outfit that works for both.

In my daily readings I have made it through three readings of the crucifiction. Every time I feel so bad for Peter. Every time he denies Christ I wince. I know how he feels. I do it too, every day. Whether it is the tiny gossip I can't resist passing on, the undeserved dig I take at my husband, or those moments that I fall apart forgetting in despair and don't go to my Savior for comfort, I still deny Him, just like Peter.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25th, 2010

Yes, it has been a while since I posted but this doesn't mean I haven't been reading. I have written many posts in my head but have had nearly no time to actually but fingers to keys.

I have been busy driving. Lillian passed her drivers test and has a car. This lead me to believe that my daughter toting days were over. HA! I have two daughters, and they do not have the same schedule. They do leave for school together in one car at 6:40 every morning but that is where their paths diverge. Lillian stays at school until 6 for track practice. Virginia comes home at 1:55. Lil arrives home at 6:30, just minutes after Virginia and I have left for play rehearsal. Play rehearsal last 3-4 hours and then just when it is time to go pick her up, Lillian goes to bed. So that still involves 3 trips to LHS but that is much better than 5. Most of the time my dad is willing to do the 1:55 pickup. Sometimes I stay at the rehearsals and get my Bible reading done.

The funny thing is that the musical is Godspell. Quite often I am reading the passage that they are on the stage rehearsing. Although most of the students are not Christians, it so happens that four of them are and their viewpoints about the musical are quite different. Some are concerned that the musical will be seen as religious when it isn't, it's just a play leave it alone. Others are excited to have an opportunity to share the gospel in a non-threatening way. Some are concerned that the parables are treated as a vaudeville act and is this really OK? At our house we pray that it will all be used to God's glory, Amen.