Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

So here I am one year later.

I still haven't read the Bible all the way through. I went through some lazy patches and missed a few months. So now I am trying to decide whether to try again or not. I do not want to start from the beginning again. I'm thinking of doing the chronological bible readings instead.

I did learn quite a lot during the year. I am lazy. Many times I had the time and opportunity to update this blog yet would not take the 10 minutes. I get angry. Someone tried to use this blog and a post against me, and I was nearly fired from my job. I am naive. To not think that someone would use my own words and especially my humor against me.

I am loved. My Lord and Savior continually tells me in the Bible. He worked an intricate plan over thousands of years for me.

My family is unique. I took time to see the weirdness and funny things that make the 4 of us work so well together. I have amazingly fantastic kids that love being with their parents. That in itself is odd.

I have great friends that I do not see enough. It has been hard to transition from being an Imago parent, part of the group that comes together twice a day and gets caught up. I need to make an effort to see them more because it no longer happens naturally and I miss it.

I need to get my act together, fight my disease aggressively and take back what it has taken from me the last 30 years. I do not have to give in. Plus my leg is no longer broken and I need to stop babying it.

I will, in 2011, remember to enjoy the wonder of my salvation, and give up my recently developed sarcasm and cynicism for the Joy that Jesus gives.

I am sure there is more. It will come as the year comes, one day after another.

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  1. Ever honest you are, Barbara!
    I love that about you.